Forced consideration towards customers is better than none

I was sitting in a cafe in airport after saying goodbye to 2 customers from Myanmar. It was a frustrating tour: passive-agressive customers, unclear communication, and above all, lack of consideration from myself. After 2 years in tourism industry, I eventually realize that I should develop some skills and not just depend on being considerate by nature to make a tour succeed. It takes up energy. As other resources, mental energy is limited.

After turning to Kelsey Tonner for some advices,  it dawn on me that being considerate should not be something you have to try. It’s sad when you just don’t have any positive feeling towards your customers anymore and have to remind yourself “Come on, it’s my job to care about them. How?”. It’s sad to be so, yet when it happens, you gotta have some skill set. “Fake it till you make it”, so to speak.

“How to give amazing customer service” by Kelsey Tonner


So basically Kelsey wanted to remind us 3 rules of consideration.

1. Tackle your guests’ frustration before it happens

2. Using small acts of personal kindness to delight your guests

3. Taking care of your clients, even when they don’t know about it.

It all boils down to being considerate does it?  A freshman can do all of this even better than an experienced one since he gets genuine consideration and enthusiasm towards their customers. It will wear off over time. I am not surprised that most tour companies favor “new blood”. Considerate blood is just like milk with such a short expiry date.

It’s not rocket science, the hospitality thing. If you care about someone, you do all these things in an automatic, default mode. You will try to limit frustration, give them personal touch and go out of your way to make them happy. However the reality is we can’t suddenly care about someone we just met, many of whom are grumpy and frustrated or demanding, hence all the skill guidelines. So tiring #>#

Still, good examples in the video. Will be helpful when you can’t stand your customers :))

On the other hand, when you are forced to behave considerately, it will gradually become your habit and part of lifestyle. You will become considerate even before developing any sense of love or care towards others since you have been doing that repeatedly. It is definitely a great trait whether being genuine or not.