Nationalism is inevitable


Upon deleting buried trash in my feed, I found this article again.

3 years ago I was angry with the article. Now I just laugh it off.

If I detach my identity from Vietnam, would the article trigger any feeling in me? Definitely not.

If I attach my identity with Vietnam as part of nationalism, should I be angry either? Probably not.

A personal opinion should not be taken personally.

However, there is one thing I know for sure: no matter how rational & neutral I try to be, nationalism always leaves a trace in my heart, making all observations biased. Home is a concept to be nostalgic about, when we get beaten by harsh life. I know I am welcome here. If VN is good, I will be proud, if VN is bad, I will try to be a tiny positive change agent. I know many are conscious and willing to be positive change agents as well.

The only people I cry for are my dear people in this country, and rarely anyone else. Not because they are better. Just because they are part of my root, part of my bedrock, the ones who share the same privileges or same struggles.

Running away is easy. Especially when a better material life is not what I am craving for.

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