Cu Chi Impression

Riding for 4 hours per day in the ultimate toxic tropical heat for many times in a row, Cu Chi should be a name to scare me personally.

Yet bringing different people to this land, getting them endure the heat together just to crawl inside the same set up branches of dirt forth and back is still a notable experience. From being an explorer, you switch your role and become observer, story teller. Your sense of ego melts, invisible to let other people’s experiences shine. Cu Chi in me is

Beautiful rubber jungles


In a dry land with nothing aside but an overwhelming heat about to burn you anytime, dotting here and there are still beautiful vast rubber plantations. We ride slowly in small paths under lovely protection of rubber shadows, admiring milky latex drippings crystalized into see-through golden threads.

And once in a while, a character appeared, letting us intrude into his work and try cutting rubber for the first time.


To him, getting enough rubber milk for a work day when it’s not too hot is already a happiness. That simple. Happiness roots from not knowing, or knowing it’s enough to be content.

Intimacy in a flash

As a guide, I am allowed to cut through people’s interactions for a short time. Before a tour, we are not aware of each other. After a tour, we clear each other out of our minds. I don’t even try to remember their names because there is no point, and so do they.

Being intimate in a flash allows me to touch their precious adventure moments. Like seeing couples trying to sneak in a tunnel trunk I know too well, seeing them excited, nervous and their eyes spark the moment their partner got out with tunnel cover on hand, full of dirt.

Love is in the air.






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